Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Assignment 1

This picture was taken with a wide angle lens. I felt that the image would look more still if the overall frame was larger and if the attention was on all of the girls as opposed to one or 2. I would have probably taken the same shot and would have not done it differently without the given directions.

This was taken with a telephoto lens. I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and pan the players. I had some trouble with this shoot, but felt that I have finally captured a pretty good story. I would have never thought to shoot sports photography with this sort of technique, but I enjoyed the challenge and I am happy with the end result.

This one was by far my favourite image. I used the wide angle lens in this one to capture how large the city is. I used a slow shutter speed in order to brighten the overall image and it left me with a very neat effect with the cars, which brings a sense of night life to the image. I definitely would have gone with this approach all on my own and wouldn't have done anything differently.

I decided to show off my artsy side with this one. I feel capturing the eye as the main focal point makes this image very powerful. Normally, I would have probably used a wide angle lens to also keep the flowers in focus, but I am happy with the end result none the less. 

I used the wide angle lens in this image because my telephoto would have created shallow DOF. I decided to take the image in the middle of the road. I would usually take my land scape shots with wide angle to create a very large image. I like to get as much detail as possible. 

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