Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Lab 3: Lenses

Lenses used for this assignment: Canon EFS 10-18MM (wide angle),  Canon EFS 55-250MM (telephoto).

Part 1 : Still Life

The first 2 images are taken with a telephoto lens. The first was taken with the focal length of 55mm. The subject is in focus and the back ground is blurred. For the second Image, the angle is different because I am forced to back up much further in order to get the main subject in a similar frame. The image seems more flat and the subject stands out more from the background.

These 2 images were taken with a wide angle lens. The first was taken with a focal length of 10mm and the second at 18mm. The first image has slight blurriness in the background. If you look quickly, it seems like there is no blurriness at all. The table is also distorted and the objects in the background seem closer to one another. The second image begins to blur in the back ground more. Also, the table is flattened the objects in the background seem further away from each other

Part 1: People.

The telephoto lens was used for the two images below. I did not upload results from the wide angle lens because there were very slight differences, as where the differences with this lens are much greater. Photo 1 was taken at 55mm with the focus on subject 1, and the second was taken at 250mm with the focus on the second subject. 

Part 2
(All images taken with telephoto lens)

This image was taken at 55mm. The aperture was set to F4. The background is visible in this image.

 This image was taken at 100mm. The DOF is beginning to blur more as it becomes more shallow. My positioning does not move.

This last image was taken at 250mm. as you can see, the DOF is very shallow now for the background is quite blurry. I still did not move my positioning. 

Part 3

Telephoto: The telephoto lens showed little to no differences in my opinion. I chose to add different variations of f stops and focal lengths to prove this statement.  Naturally, the larger the aperture, the more blurred the background, but this unfortunately did not show in my images.

Wide angle: This is where the true differences start to show. The smaller the aperture, the more curved the edges in each image is! However, once I made the focal length closer, the curved edges flattened out. 

 f5 telephoto 55mm

 f11 telephoto 55mm

 f8 telephoto 100mm

f22 telephoto 250mm 

 f16 wide angle 10mm

 f22 wide angle 10mm

 f22 wide angle 14mm

f22 wide angle 18mm

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